Published On: Sun, Dec 20th, 2015

Norway teaching Muslim refugees not to rape women

Voluntary classes help refugees from conservative societies adapt to Norwegian women wearing fewer clothes, flirting and walking home alone


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Norway is offering instruction to Muslim refugees on how not to rape women.

A course manual sets out a simple rule that all asylum seekers need to learn and follow: “To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway, even when you are married to that person.”

Many refugees “come from cultures that are not gender equal and where women are the property of men, ” Mr. Isdal said.

The first such program to teach immigrants about local norms and how to avoid misreading social signals was initiated in Stavanger, the center of Norway’s oil industry and a magnet for migrants, after a series of rapes from 2009 to 2011.

… “there was a link but not a very clear link” between the rape cases and the city’s immigrant community. According to the state broadcaster, NRK, which reviewed court documents, only three of 20 men found guilty in those cases were native Norwegians, the rest immigrants. A 2011 report by Norway’s state statistical bureau noted that “immigrants are overrepresented in the crime statistics” but suggested that this was not due to cultural differences but because many of the immigrants were young men.

There’s no clear link!  They’re just “overrepresented in crime statistics”!  And it’s due to the fact that many of them are young men, it being the fact that…there’s no clear link.  Are you following?

Read the full story at American Thinker, by Ed Straker


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