Published On: Tue, Dec 1st, 2015

Economic Horoscope December 2015: The World In Trouble But Dangers Can Be Averted By Human Action

Pnina Katz HOROSCOPEThis month in summary we face continuing dangers of violence and war round the world, which will obviously have an ongoing impact on global economic expectations and therefore outcomes. Such difficulties are likely to peak around the middle of the month, though another problematic “square” between the 16th and the 22nd of December develops, highlighting the need for paradigm change in human behaviors. Also extreme weather patterns during the month will likely lead to a number severe natural events which will impact many lives.

December is shaping up to be a violent month therefore in so many ways.

From the 1st to the 5th of December:  Mercury ins Sagittarius is in a 90 degree aspect with Jupiter in Virgo, raising issues relating to employment everywhere and symbolize the loss of good and well paying jobs in many places.

From December 1st to December 12th Mar: in Sagittarius is then in a 90 degree aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, and in an asset of =p1180 degrees with uranus in Aries. This creates a dangerous square that tends to deliver, and affect the outcome of, acts of terrorism around the world. Their direct impacts will be multiplied by slowdowns in trade, reductions in tourist activity and economic instabilities in the areas affected. Severe natural events from dangerous storm activity may add to the sense of human traumas worldwide.

Then from December 12th to December 16th: the Sun is in a 90 degree aspect with Jupiter in Virgo. This highlights the nature, and dangers, of human hubris in many areas with possible acts of arrogance and over-confidence to which humanity, and their leadership elites are well known to be prone.

Beginning on December 10th: Mercury in Capricorn reaches an influential position – suggesting in a dramatic way the need to return to hard work and focus on basic results and stability.

From December 1§6th to December 22nd: Mercury joins Pluto and is a 180 degree aspect with Uranus in Aries – forming a “square” which will have a global impact. There will need to be a paradigm shift in how we deal with two major factors of production, labour and materials (commodities). Global problems will increase as mass migrations of both the poor and the territorially displaced continue to press on recipient countries. Further terror incidents may increase levels of fear in affected populations, not just in Europe.

Between December 22nd and December 26th: there will be balance and harmony between Venus and Jupiter, sowing the seeds for restoring a degree of balance in the world’s economies. This may impact markets positively as confidence may accordingly increase somewhat.

From December 22nd onward: Capricorn begins its transition and it is possible people may get together better with more direct forms of communication becoming possible.

Beginning December 27th: Uranus aligns in Aries and this aspect may impinge on a variety of severe natural events. Extreme weather incidents leading to possible natural disasters in consequence.

At the close of the year, from December 30th until January 6th of the new, 2016, year Venus in Sagittarius has a hard aspect with Neptune and Saturn – currency markets could well be impaired illustrative of this hard economic winter. Paradigm shifts everywhere are required.

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