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Gonna light this candle without a flame

Future of mood lighting is here, thanks to Israeli Candle Touch app that lets you light a wax candle with your smartphone.

A real candle lit by an app-controlled flame. Photo courtesy of Candle Touch


While the Swedish band NoNoNo sang Fire without a Flame, Israel’s Candle Touch is proving you can light a flame without fire.

The app-enabled Candle Touch is a real wax scented candle that can be controlled by any smart IOS or Android device loaded with the app.

The user simply places a Candle Touch wax block – available in vanilla, lavender, melon, lemongrass, amber and patchouli scents – in the black or white clean-design case, and clicks on the app to light a real flame via Bluetooth. You can light any number of candles at once.

The device is charged through a USB cable and each 10x11x10-centimeter candle gives 55 to 70 hours of burning time. Extinguish the flame instantly through a command, by setting a timer, by blowing air into the smartphone’s speaker or by leaving the 30-foot Bluetooth communication range.


A real candle lit by an app-controlled flame. Photo courtesy of Candle Touch (2)


This 21st century candle is spill-proof and will not light if it is positioned on an incline. It will be sold in singles or in sets of three.

The product, which is not yet on sale, was recently introduced at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin, in its showcase of international early startups. Candle Touch was chosen by the Irish Times as one of the five rising stars among 2, 400 startups at the convention, CEO and cofounder Moshe Lev tells ISRAEL21c.

“The crowd and journalists were very excited about our product, ” says Lev. “Candles are one of the oldest inventions in history that hasn’t changed at all over the course of thousands of years… It’s time to integrate the authenticity of the candle with today’s world technological progress to get a new safe, easy to use and technologically advanced candle.”

A real candle lit by an app-controlled flame. Photo courtesy of Candle Touch (4)

The four-person Candle Touch team from Rishon LeZion spent two years creating this smart, patent-pending technology for everything from home to wedding décor.

It adds a welcome layer of safety to the ambiance of candles. In the US alone, firefighters respond to an estimated 11, 640 home fires per year started by candles left unattended, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

“The Candle Touch prevents lives and homes being destroyed due to candles left unattended by detecting when a person falls asleep or leaves the house and extinguishing the candle when that happens, ” says Lev.

The Candle Touch team is now preparing a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise financing, and will also announce the price of the new candle.


A real candle lit by an app-controlled flame. Photo courtesy of Candle Touch (3)


Israel21C, by Viva Sarah Press

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