Published On: Sun, Nov 1st, 2015

Uri Avnery: Adolf, Amin And Bibi (Continued)

uri_avnerySOME OF my friends complained to me that my last article contained – as Churchill would have put it – a terminological inexactitude.

I wrote that the Jews were not mentioned at the Hitler-Husseini meeting. That is a gross exaggeration. Everyone who knows anything about Hitler knows that the Fuehrer could not utter three sentences without mentioning the Jews. (Another gross exaggeration.)

The English version of the official transcript contains a total of about 2250 words. The Jews are mentioned 12 times – three times by Hajj Amin and nine times by Hitler. Hitler used all his stock phrases, the Mufti used blatant flattery. No one said anything new. Hitler politely rejected all the Mufti’s requests.

According to Hitler the Jews ruled Britain and the Soviet Union (the US was not yet in the war.) If Italy and Japan had been on the other side, Hitler would have added them to the list.

At the time, November 1941, the extermination by the Einsatzkommandos was already in full swing. Obviously the Mufti did not know anything about this, nor did Hitler tell him. It was State Secret No. 1.

The transcript has been known for a long time. If Netanyahu’s preposterous assertions had been true, our super-efficient propaganda machine would have reminded us and the world every single day.

About the Nazi’s’ regard for the Mufti: Hajj Amin stayed in Germany for another four years until the end of the war. Almost nothing is known about his stay there. Hitler never received him again. That’s how important he was.

By the way, this week Netanyahu was compelled to issue a kind of denial – the Netanyahu kind. It says that Hitler was responsible for the Holocaust. Not one single word about the Mufti or the speech that started the whole mess.

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- Uri Avnery is an Israeli writer and founder of the Gush Shalom peace movement. Avnery was a Knesset member from 1965–74 and from1979–81.

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