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Good News From Israel: Medical Achievments

Elephant clue to cancer treatment. A study says elephants have low rates of cancer because they have 20 copies of the P53 tumor-suppressing gene, whereas humans have only two.

Fooling cancer cells.  Israel’s BioSight has developed the amino acid astrabine which acts as a “Trojan Horse” chemotherapy treatment that kills leukemia cells without harming healthy tissue.  Astrabine closely resembles a protein called aspargine that leukemia cells depend on and the cancer cells are fooled into self-destruction.
Muscular dystrophy treatment success.  Israel’s BioBlast announced promising interim results from its Phase II study of its Cabaletta treatment for oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy (OPMD). Due to the success BioBlast seeks to fast track a Phase III study in 2016, leading to a 2017 launch date.
Elephant clue to cancer treatment.  A US study says elephants have low rates of cancer because they have 20 copies of the P53 tumor-suppressing gene, whereas humans have only two.  Now Professor Avi Schroeder from Israel’s Technion is to use nanotechnology to send the P53 gene to fight tumors in the human body.
The source of major depression.  Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that abnormalities in the immune (“microglia”) cells of the brain could be a key cause of depression.  The theory opens the door to development of a new generation of anti-depressant medications.
A groundbreaking partnership in nanomedicine.  Ohio USA’s Cleveland Clinic and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem are to develop a virtual global center that will harness the power of nanoscience and nanotechnology to deliver therapies for cardiovascular disease, neurological disease and cancer.
Cancer removal technology in action.  (TY Michelle) Texas surgeon Dr. Nancy Marquez describes using Israel’s MarginProbe to ensure that all cancerous cells have been removed during surgery to remove tumors.
Negev’s desert’s health innovation engine.  Ben-Gurion University’s Negev Center for Digital Innovation is partnering AllScripts Healthcare of the US to create the CDI-Allscripts Lab.  The lab aims to become Israel’s center for developing apps for electronic health records, networking, information-sharing, and compliance.
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