Australia: Kogan Mobile partners with Vodafone to offer ‘benchmark’ mobile deals


Celebratory selfies on the day of relaunch for Kogan Mobile. L-R Vodafone chief executive Iñaki Berroeta; Kogan founder Ruslan Kogan; Kogan Mobile executive director David Shafer. Photo- Facebook


Two years after Kogan’s bargain mobile service was terminated following the collapse of Telstra reseller ISPone, Kogan Mobile has joined Australia’s telecom price war, but this time with a strong backup, a partnership with Vodafone.

Kogan Mobile Executive Director David Shafer announced in a press release that the company has set a new benchmark for mobile deals.

Shafer said “Kogan Mobile is back, and it’s better than ever. We’re here to do what we always do — cut out the middlemen and save smart shoppers some hard-earned money. We continue to receive streams of messages from fans asking when Kogan Mobile is coming back.”

According to Shafer, consumers will turn out to be on the winning side of the partnership between Kogan and Vodafone. “This time, Kogan Mobile has cut out the middlemen in a direct deal with Vodafone, which means we can pass on savings to customers, whose service will be reliably delivered by Vodafone, ” Shafer said. “We now have a network ally who is really supporting us, isn’t scared of competitive pricing, and has an interest in seeing Kogan Mobile succeed in the market.”


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