Published On: Fri, Sep 11th, 2015

US House of Representatives rejects resolution to approve Iran deal

The vote, with 162 members voting for the agreement and 269 voting against, was the only vote thus far successfully cast directly on the merits of the accord.


In the US House, conservatives have begun pressing the case that Obama broke that law by not providing the texts of secret so-called “side deals” to the accord.

On Thursday the House passed a measure finding that the president violated the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, and that the 60-day review had therefore not begun.

Congressman Peter Roskam issued a legal challenge to Obama following the vote, demanding that the House get access to two “side agreements” negotiated between the US and Iran as part of the terms of the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act.

“President Obama broke the very law he signed by failing to provide Congress with the Iran-IAEA side agreements, ” Roskam said. “Withholding these documents from the American people and their elected representatives completely discredits the transparent review process the administration was legally obligated to provide. In light of this vote, I believe the House should pursue legal action against the administration for its blatant disregard for the law.”

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