Published On: Mon, Sep 7th, 2015

Ukraine: Now They Bite Each Other – Saakashvili, Kolomoisky Make Public Squabble


Igor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian tycoon and ex-governor of the country’s Dnepropetrovsk region, has responded to the accusations of the Odessa region’s governor Mikheil Saakashvili, calling him a “snapping dog”, which should be send back to Georgia, for cash on delivery.

“When a dog without a muzzle bites someone, the dog should be punished, but, what is more important, the owner should be too. In such cases the dog is euthanized. But in our case it could be sent back to Georgia, for cash on delivery, for it to answer to the people it bit, ” the Ukrainian media website quotes the oligarch as saying.

“Regarding the owner, we all know who he is, ” Kolomoysky added.

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His comments come in response to the recent accusations Saakashvili voiced in his interview with a Ukrainian TV channel, that the cost of tickets to Odessa are overpriced and the system of price determination is fully controlled by one of the oligarchs.
Regarding the post of head of the State Aviation Service, Saakashvili added, Prime Minister Arsenyi Yatsenyuk took the side of Igor Kolomoysky, defending his interests.

The former head of the State Aviation Service, Denys Antoniuk, was dismissed by the Cabinet of Ministers on September 4 after his row with Saakashvili, who accused him of using his position for his personal purposes and lobbying the interests of Kolomoysky’s airline company.

Kolomoysky also said that Saakashvili should answer for his words with his money.

“I think there is no sense in asking from a filthy precocious drug addict until he gets rehabilitated from his drug addiction, ” TCH quotes Kolomoisky as saying.

“My line of behavior is to meet with him in court and defend my honor and dignity there and get paid for the damages. Saakashvili once said that his salary is $200, 000 [per year], let him pay, ” the tycoon apparently added.
Earlier in September, Saakashvili called the work of Yatsenyuk’s government ineffective, claiming that it is controlled by oligarchs. He believes that the damage to the Ukrainian economy caused by the activity of the oligarchs cost as much as 100 billion hryvnas ($45 billion) last year.

Since Yatsenyuk took office, the number of bribes to the civil servants has by no means shrunk, he added.

Yatsenyuk has already called all the accusations a lie.

This article was first published at Sputnik News


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