Published On: Sat, Aug 29th, 2015

Nazi gold train is FOUND: Deathbed confession have revealed secret location of ‘Nazi gold train’ in Poland

World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer: "Items now being discovered in Poland may have been stolen from Jews before they were sent to death. It is essential to return the property to its rightful owners or to their heirs."

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The Nazi gold train has been discovered in Poland after a man who helped hide it revealed its location in a deathbed confession.

Two people, a Pole and a German who are remaining anonymous, said last week that they have found a Nazi train which may contain up to 300 tonnes of gold, gems artwork,  archive documents and guns that disappeared in World War Two. The men had demanded a ten per cent finders fee of the value of whatever may be on it.  Today Piotr Zuchowski, Poland’s National Heritage and Conservation Officer said that the man who helped hide the train, had revealed its location shortly before he died and said the train is secured with explosives.



He added that Polish authorities had now seen ‘unprecedented’ evidence of the train’s existence in a picture taken using a ground-penetrating radar.

The image showed the shape of a train platform and cannons. The train was about 100 metres long hidden along a 4km stretch of track on the Wroclaw-Walbrzych line.

Jarosław Chmielewski, the lawyer who has written to the parish council on the men’s behalf, told Radio Wrocław last month: “This is a find of world significance, on a par with discovering the Titanic, ”

Mr Zuchowski : “We do not know what is inside the train. Probably military equipment but also possibly jewellery, works of art and archive documents.” he added that armoured trains from this period were used to carry extremely valuable items “and this is an armoured train, it is a big clue.”
Mr Zuchowski announced “whatever is on it will be returned to the rightful owners, if they can be found.”

Now,  Walbrzych regional authorities will conduct the search using military explosives experts, in a procedure that will take ‘weeks’, he said.



World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer made the following statement today:

“To the extent that any items now being discovered in Poland may have been stolen from Jews before they were sent to death, concentration or forced labor camps, it is essential that every measure is taken to return the property to its rightful owners or to their heirs. We very much hope that the Polish authorities will take the appropriate action in that respect.

“If no such survivors or heirs can be found, any gold or other property that is found to have belonged to Jewish families or businesses must now inure to the benefit of Polish Jewish survivors who unfortunately have never been adequately compensated by Poland for the unspeakable suffering they endured and their catastrophic economic losses in the Holocaust.”




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