Published On: Sun, Aug 23rd, 2015

Ralph Lauren is bringing its ‘Smartshirt’ to market for $295

Polo Ralph Lauren tech gadgets shirt rely on eventual realities.


Polo Ralph Lauren introduced its new smart PoloTech, one of the most luxury items ever assembled by a fine clothing brand. For about $295 you can buy this futuristic sports shirt, designed for athletes who require radiation protecting underwear, work out help, and records information.

The PoloTech first model was introduced in 2014, at the U.S Open, when top ranked player, Marcos Giron, wore the shirt when practicing. Since then more tech shirts have appeared including those using the micro-EMG sensors that measure muscle effort and made by Athos company.

It took two years to develop Ralph Lauren’s smart shirt, and it now features an impressive new fitness app. While it might seem like a futuristic invention, Lauren is keen not to distance people and says that’s why the shirt’s design is so simple.



The shirt, developed using technology from Montreal-based OMsignal, featuring little black box sensor and an app that displays biometric data in real-time.  works with silver fibers and a tiny “black box” that attaches into the shirt close to the rib of the wearer. This gadget tracks health metrics like steps taken, heart rate, breathing rate and depth, and energy expenditures. Then a mobile app for iOS by Ralph Lauren syncs the date from its PoloTech shirt. However, it does not integrate with other fitness apps that are third party.

Those who wear the shirt can track their workout data with their smart watches, downloading it from the App Store.

The basic shirt is 70 percent polyester, 21 percent nylon and 9 percent spandex, which makes the top stretchy to allow ample movement. The only problem is that the shirts are designed only for men requirements but David Lauren, executive vice president for communications at Ralph Lauren, has said that shirts for women are expected in the near future.




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