Published On: Thu, Aug 20th, 2015

This guy figured out a way to get free Starbucks every day — and it’s driving his barista crazy


Sandy Roberts pours samples of Starbucks Reserve Sun Dried Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee during the company's annual shareholders meeting in Seattle


Every Starbucks employee’s worst nightmare has come true for Brad Halsey, who shared his predicament in an email to the website Kitchenette for its “Horrible Restaurant Customers” series.

One of Halsey’s most excruciating customers — let’s call him “Mr. X” — is also the most brilliant. He figured out a way to game the Starbucks Card so he gets a free drink every day of his life.

As Halsey explains, Mr. X bought 365 Starbucks Cards and registered each one for a different birthday — so he gets a free birthday drink every day of the year.

“Even though I know exactly how he ‘beat the system, ‘ he pretends that his app is just malfunctioning and it magically gives him the same free birthday drink every day, ” Halsey wrote in the email to Kitchenette.

Read the full story at Business Insider by April Walloga 

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