Minister of Finance: Gas roadmap cannot be approved


Moshe Kahlon


In a surprising announcement Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon has told in an interview to Channel 2, “The natural gas roadmap cannot be passed, it will be changed. Every monopoly has to be broken up, Israel’s citizens deserve more and should enjoy this natural resource.”

Kahlon said many times that he would handle the gas issue despite his friendship with businessman Koby Maimon, who owns Isramco Ltd. (Nasdaq: ISRL; TASE: ISRA.L), one of the partners in the Tamar gas field. After he was elected, Kahlon issue sacid we would not enter to a conflict of interests stemming from that friendship.

Kahlon said, “I know that I’ve disappointed some people. I regret the matter. But I’m not a person who says one thing and does something else.”

He added, “I’ve given my party the freedom to vote how they want on the matter. But I see that Avi Gabbay (Kulanu’s Minister of Environmental Protection) voted against. When people come to teach me what a monopoly is, I remind them that I’m the only one fighting against it and I will continue to struggle against it.”

Speaking about prices of natural gas he said to Channel 2, “Supervision is something problematic but if there is no competition then we’ll need supervision.”


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