Published On: Wed, Jul 29th, 2015

Norway Leads The World’s Electric Vehicle Market

Norway Leads The World's Electric Vehicle Market


Norway is leading the world’s electric vehicle market, having registered its 50, 000th electric car in April of this year. In the first quarter of 2015, 8, 112 plug-in electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles were sold in Norway, accounting for a third of the country’s total vehicle registrations, according to IHS Automotive.

For Norway, the positive sales are actually turning out to be a little bit too positive. The government has offered a number of tax cuts and benefits as an incentive, including exemptions from tolls and parking fees in some cases. However, the subsidy-driven sales boom has actually created a tax shortfall of 2 billion crowns ($267.79 million), according to Reuters. Norway is now reviewing its policy of tax breaks for electric car buyers amid the shortfall in state revenue, though the government has stressed that benefits will remain in place to ensure the success continues.

Electric Car Sales Are Skyrocketing In Georgia

Even though California boasts the most electric car owners in the United States by far with over 77, 000 registered vehicles, the Atlanta metropolitan area is the country’s fastest growing market. Last March, the state of Georgia had 1, 469 registered electric vehicles and that number skyrocketed to 10, 482 by March 2014, an incredible 614 percent increase.

Why are people buying so many electric vehicles in Georgia? The state’s $5, 000 tax credit is an obvious factor but Atlanta’s urban sprawl is also making electric vehicles increasingly attractive to commuters. Most people drive to work alone across the city for a mean time of 30 minutes. If you own an electric vehicle, you can use HOV lanes to skip past the traffic. Additionally, you can also avoid HOT tolls on top of all the other savings your electric car affords you.

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