Published On: Sun, Jul 26th, 2015

Tech Time Warp: Back in the Day, the Hot Tech Rivalry Was Amiga vs. Atari


THE TECH INDUSTRY is full of iconic rivalries. Facebook vs. Twitter. Apple vs. Google. Uber vs. Lyft. But in 1985, one of the biggest rivalries was Atari vs. Amiga.

It’s been 30 years this week since Commodore International, best known for the iconic Commodore 64, launched the Amiga, which is still remembered today as a remarkable machine that offered cutting edge multimedia features for a much lower price than a Macintosh. But the Atari ST, which was less powerful but even cheaper, aimed to fill the same niche. In 1985 the PBS show Computer Chronicles ran an episode pitting the two classic computers against each other…

Atari Corporation was being run by none other than Jack Tramiel, the Holocaust survivor who founded Commodore as a typewriter repair company in 1953.

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