Published On: Tue, Jul 21st, 2015

iSperm lets your iPad analyze your swimmers at home

The iSperm device has already been used to spy on the sperm of scores of boars. Soon, it could be used in the same way for men.


Soon, iPads might be able to show a home movie of what a baby looked like before it was even created, by beaming live-action movies of your sperm swimming around.

That will be the case if Taiwanese startup Aidmics has its way.

The company has already invented a device called iSperm which according to Reuters has been sold to almost 200 farmers around the world. They use it to analyze the sperm counts of their boar to maximize the success of breeding programs. The news agency reports that Aidmics has announced plans to seek approval from the US Food and Drug Administration next year to expand the device’s use to men… READ MORE

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