Published On: Fri, Jul 10th, 2015

Geraldo Rivera Goes After Sean Hannity for ‘Smearing’ Immigrants

"These murderers are not the face of the undocumented immigrants."

geraldo rivera

Sparks flew this week on Fox News as the always boisterous Geraldo Rivera took issue with Sean Hannity for the later’s reporting on immigration issues. Rivera was angry at Hannity for playing up the few cases of illegals in America who murdered American citizens.

Shouting and fighting between Fox News hosts and their guests is part of the fun of watching the network. But it is unusual to see two Fox News hosts go after each other. This is what happened because Geraldo Rivera was angry at Sean Hannity for taking what he feels is an extreme position on Latino immigration to the United States.

Before Mr. Rivera appeared on Mr. Hannity’s program, Hannity interviewed several people whose loved ones had been murdered by illegal immigrants.

Mr. Hannity took the opportunity to play up the issue, at one point interrupting to ask, “So in other words, this illegal immigrant had committed armed robbery, felonies, all these crimes and we still didn’t deport the guy. Aren’t you angry? I would be so angry and I’d feel so betrayed by our government for not doing their job and deporting him.”

When Rivera finally appeared he was visibly annoyed. He pointed out that the killers were the exception and no different than the small minority of Americans who are killers.

He also explained that illegals in America are less likely to commit crimes than American citizens.

“You just put me in a place where I have to follow three grieving families. Very unfair. Very unfair. It’s a very difficult situation. Wouldn’t it be as justifiable to say, ‘OK, here are these three or four or 300, 000 crimes committed by undocumented. Now, here is 11 million people who walked their children to school today, who did the dirty jobs Americans wouldn’t do, ‘” said Rivera.

“These murderers are not the face of the undocumented immigrants, ” Rivera declared.

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