Published On: Fri, Jul 3rd, 2015

YouTube has downplayed the threat of Facebook



YouTube plays down the threat of Facebook displacing its dominance of on-line video, saying each corporations is going to be able to grow quickly for years by cannibalizing the tv advertising market.

The head of content and business operations of YouTube, Robert Kyncl told the Financial Times the online video market was increasing thus quick that “it will be a decade before we come upon each other.”

The arrival into the market of Facebook, disappearing-messages app Snapchat and Twitter’s video app vine may be a sign that on-line video is “becoming mainstream”, however none of them would derail the YouTube juggernaut, he said.

Facebook, that has 1.4 billion monthly active users, has been putting video advertisements into users’ feeds for quite a year.

On Wednesday it muscled more into YouTube’s territory with a trial to share advertising revenue with video creators who publish on the social network.

Facebook can match the revenue split, which is offered by YouTube, giving content creators fifty five per cent of the payoff of ads that run next to their videos.

Speaking before Facebook’s announcement, Mr Robert expected that YouTube and its rivals would have many area to grow as advertisers still shift their budgets off from traditional media.

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