Facebook’s New Logo Is More Attractive and Refreshed Look



For all of Facebook’s impressive records and achievements, its logo and wordmark have forever been resolutely basic.

But the company has decided to freshen up its look. While there is no major design happening: the easy old “facebook” is currently written into an excellent less distinctive font than before with the most obvious modify being the switch from a double-story “a” to a single-story one.

The refreshed look options a lot of white space and thinner lettering, probably in an endeavor to create the wordmark more clear at lower resolutions on mobile devices.

Facebook’s josh Higgins tells different that the company “set intent on modernize the logo to create it feel a lot of friendly and approachable.”

Many directions were explored, in line with Higgins, however ultimately the easy and familiar look of the recent wordmark was preferred, and Facebook simply built out a new custom type around it.

The new Facebook identity are showing up across Facebook’s various sites and apps shortly, with the large F logo and favicon remaining unchanged.
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