Talia Goldstein — Three Day Rule CEO — Hid Her Pregnancy Out of Fear

Talia Goldstein

How could it possibly be that the CEO of a company could feel the need to hide her pregnancy due to a fear of of retaliation? Well that is exactly what Talia Goldstein, CEO of the startup dating site Three Day Rule, said she did in an open column in Fortune.

Its 2015 already and the high tech world, especially startups, are supposed to be modern and open minded. And yet women still feel discriminated against, especially when they are pregnant.

Goldstein wrote, “While I am happy about having a child, I feel ashamed for getting pregnant because my industry looks down on it.”

“It’s the worst feeling in the world having to hide your pregnancy. It’s awful knowing that the second I reveal that I am pregnant, investors will suddenly second guess whether I am capable enough to run a company. So, I am going to hide my pregnancy as long as I can.”

But why? Why did she feel a need to hide her pregnancy? She was married at the time, not that it should matter.

Goldstein explained that she had only just founded her company and was told that investors would not want want to give their money to a new firm with a pregnant founder. Apparently they would think that a woman would abandon her business plans and dreams after having a child to become a stay at home mom.

After Goldstein gave birth she says that people were shocked to see that she continued to work and did not just give up her career to be a full time mother. But again why?

There is no reason why a woman cannot be a mother and a corporate executive or a company founder. Just ask Sheryl Sandberg and Martha Stewart.

Read the whole article here.

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