Michael Douglas In Israel to Receive $1 Million Genesis Prize

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas is in Israel to receive the $1 million Genesis Prize for Jewish heritage. The Oscar winning actor visited The Peres Center for Peace and spoke out against the BDS movement against Israel.

He is accompanied by his wife and fellow Oscar winner Catherine Zeta Jones and their two children.

While at the Peres Center, Douglas spoke as part of a panel entitled “Jewish voices talk peace, ” which included the former Israeli President and the head of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky.

On Iran Douglas said, “I am very concerned about the development of nuclear weapons in the region and the threats of boycotting Israel.”

When asked by Douglas about his opinion on the BDS movement, Peres said, “The Boycott is an anti-peace movement. The only solution that would guarantee stability for both peoples is the two state solution.”

Shimon Peres, 91, called Douglas a baby for only being 70 years old. “You’re 70 years old, for me you are still a baby and have all the future ahead of you, ” said Peres.

The winner of the Best Actor Oscar for the 1987 movie “Wall Street” spoke against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. “I am a UN ambassador for peace and I would like to say that from my experience the biggest problem in the world are nuclear weapons. However, I am optimistic when I look at former President Peres. I know that the world can lead to good directions, but I’m still very concerned.”

Douglas took advantage of the opportunity of being asked what he would say if he could address the Knesset: “I respect the fact that I am not Israeli, but I am very concerned about the attempts of boycotting Israel and I am not comfortable with the response at the moment. I hope that the Knesset parties will overcome internal differences and work together.”

Douglas called on more Jews to visit Israel saying, “I am always amazed at how many Jews are not in Israel – the most important thing is to come here and feel Israel. Everyone has his own narrative, and I encourage all of you to find your Jewish narrative and keep it in the future.”

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