Judge Gives Billionaire art dealer Helly Nahmad Permission to Go to Basel Show


Helly Nahamad

A judge has granted the art dealer Hillel “Helly” Nahmad permission to leave the U.S. to attend a week long art show in Basel Switzerland, the NY Post has reported.

Nahmad needed the special permission because he is currently under federal supervision after serving a short prison sentence for running a high stakes gambling ring for the rich and famous.

“The Court’s permission extends only to the requested travel to Switzerland for business purposes, ” Judge Jesse Furman wrote.

The son of a Lebanese jewish family which is currently based in Monaco, Nahmad has a booth at the exhibition where he is selling a Picasso painting “Les Femmes d’Alger (Version C), 28 Décembre, 1954” for $16 million.

Nahmad told the New York Times about the Basel event, “Something happened in the last 12 months. People felt the young speculative artists were unsafe and that money has flooded into blue chips, into dead and late- and mid-career artists. People want safety.”


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