Published On: Thu, Jun 18th, 2015

Criptext Mail: Get Back Your E Mails if You Regret Having Sent Them


Have you ever sent an email that you wish you hadn’t and would like to take back? Well a new startup called Criptext , founded by Mayer Mizrachi, is offering such a servic for use with gmail and as an extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox that it promises will protect your e mails.

Criptext Mail works by changing text into an image so that the recipient cannot save it and so the content cannot be scanned by third parties.

The firm just brought in $500, 000 in a seed round from private investors, which it will use to support continued user acquisition and product enhancements.

The Criptext Mail promises that it knows when someone has read your emails or downloaded your attachments and lets people take back sent emails with one click – even after they’ve been read.

Users can set an expiration date for their e mails and encrypt attachments. And if you sent an e mail to the wrong person, you can get that back too, even after it has been read.

This is something that certain celebrities and politicians wish they could have had in recent years.

You can also find out when and where your email was read.


“At Criptext, we are working to redefine what an email is. Before, when you clicked send, you lost control of your data, copies of your email were stored across multiple devices and bots could read your emails without you even knowing. Now, you are in control, ” said Mayer Mizrachi, founder and CEO of Criptext.

“Historically, secure emailing has been complex, primarily because it requires the sender and recipient to use the same email security platform. We have created a technology that is compatible with existing email services in order to create a seamless experience for any user, regardless of email platform. Criptext makes the detrimental effects of costly enterprise email hacks – such as the one Sony is still recovering from – a thing of the past.”

Criptext debuted the public beta of its secure email streaming technology at TechCrunch’s Disrupt NY 2015 last month as part of WeWork’s exhibit of their top 20 most innovative companies and was named one of the top 11 up-and-coming tech companies by Computerworld.

The one big drawback of the service, however, is the ridiculously long ad for itself that the company attaches to your messages.

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