Travel Site Hipmunk Floats Affiliate Partner Network


Steve Huffman and Adam Goldstein - Hipmunk (2)

Hipmunk, the popular online travel company, has launched a new affiliate arm called Hipmunk Partner Nutwork (HPNut). The new business unit seeks to build a network of affiliate partner companies, enabling them to access flights, hotels, vacation and car rental packages. San Francisco-based company named Anna Torraca as the Vice President of the newly formed unit.

“We know that people plan travel across a variety of sites as they explore and research. Our partners such as Yahoo Travel and Yelp have seen tremendous success by integrating Hipmunk into their experience. We’re excited to have Anna lead this effort and grow our partner offering, ” Hipmunk’s co-founder and CEO, Adam Goldstein said in a press statement.

Entrepneure Adam Goldstein and Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman created the online travel website in 2010. Within two years of its inception, the San Francisco-based online travel company managed to secure about $ 20 million through venture capital and angel investors. In 2014, company managed to raise additional $20 million during Series C funding round.

Hipmunk offers comprehensive search options for commercial flights, trains, and charter flights to hotels and vacation rentals through Airbnb and HomeAway. In 2011, Time magazine picked the Hipmunk as the “50 Best Websites of the year”. The website uses visual organization of flight search results, aiming to make the information more user-oriented compared to conventional search sites. Its display makes it easy to visually compare results and select options.


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