NY Sen Charles Schumer Pushing for Tariffs on Chinese Tires, End to Sale of ‘Palcohol’ — Powdered Alcohol



Boy is the senior Senator from New York Charles Schumer really busy these days. He is pushing for tariffs on Chinese tires, an end to “Instant Booze, ” all while he pushes for funding for the Bay Park sewage plant.

In a press release, the Senator urged the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) to act “decisively to level the playing field for tire imports to protect U.S. tire workers in Western New York from unfair Chinese trade practices.”

Senator Schumer maintains that financial support from the Chinese government for the manufacture of tires in that country makes their tires cheaper than the ones made in America, thereby hurting NY based businesses and constituting an unfair trade practice.

He stated, “From tires to steel to stealing intellectual property, the bottom line is that China is a repeat-offender trade cheat; and the 1, 000-plus productive and talented workers at tire manufacturers like Goodyear Dunlop in Tonawanda and Niagara Falls need the Department of Commerce and ITC to be the cop on the beat and level the playing field for the American worker. More than 1, 000 hard-working Americans’ jobs are being put at risk because they are forced to compete with artificially-cheap foreign imports, and that needs to change ASAP.”

“American manufacturers and workers can compete and win, but it is essential that foreign competitors – especially from China – play by the same rules. So I am urging the feds to consider the substantial evidence of damage caused by foreign dumping and act decisively to impose protections that will ensure U.S. workers can compete on a level playing field.”

As for Palcohol — powdered alcohol also known as “Instant Booze” — the Senator announced plans to introduce legislation to ban it. Schumer is concerned that the soon to be available concoction would be dangerous, especially for children, because people could make drinks with extremely high levels of alcohol and not know it. He was quick to avoid comparisons to prohibition, however.

“It’s not prohibition: This is dangerous for kids [who] could do four or five shots at a time. [They] don’t know the dangers of alcohol, ” he said.

“The dangers of this far outweigh your ability to have a couple shots of vodka on a hike, ” added Schumer.

Finally, the Senator announced on Monday that hundreds of millions of federal dollars are available to potentially fund the Bay Park sewage-treatment plants in Nassau County on Long Island. The plant serves more than 500, 000 people there.


  1. Sen Schumer is misinformed. Unlike liquid alcohol which one can drink straight and use to make highly concentrated drinks, you can’t drink powdered alcohol straight and if you tried to mix multiple packets in a drink, you would get mush. Powdered alcohol is actually a safer version of alcohol over liquid alcohol.


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