A New Wearable Sex Device Called ‘Lovely’ Promises to Enhance Sex with an App and


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A new device called Lovely is a wearable sexual activity tracker designed to help couples have a better sex life and it comes with an app to help use it.

Is there no end to what we can now do with out mobile devices and new apps? There are devices with apps that help people monitor their heart rates and which help diabetics monitor their blood sugar. So why not one which monitors our sex?

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Lovely monitors your body movements during sex and sends this data to the Lovely App. The App will suggest you new positions to try next time, show how many calories you burned during sex, what was your top speed and more. Made with body-safe, silky smooth silicone, Lovely is worn on the base of the penis to enhance sexual pleasure of both partners.

The company boasts that, “Thanks to its profiled, stretchy shape and vibrations, Lovely is designed to enable both of you to feel a lot more for a lot longer.”

It also states that, Lovely sits tight on the base of the man’s penis, resulting in an “enhanced, longer lasting erection.” During sex, Lovely uses subtle vibrations to provide the direct clitoris stimulation that most women need to orgasm.

Its accompanying app provides “helpful and fun recommendations to help you have better sex next time, ” based on your sexual activity history and personal preferences.

Lovely is looking to raise $95, 000 in a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo. It has already taken in $14, 990 from 140 people. Its campaign has 31 days left.

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