Economic horoscope for June 2015: Double double toil and trouble



June continues with the official retrograde of Mercury from May 11th to June 16th when its influence concluded. Mercury then becomes retrograde this time with Gemini resulting in labor strikes, thus there will be continued major financial losses.

Jupiter continues until June 6th its problematic aspect to Pluto in Capricorn also, which impacts directly on global economic issues.

These tensions exists in all aspects until June 24th – dramatic events will probably have unstable financial impacts. Adding to all this turmoil, this month there is conflict between the Sun and Mars leading to tremendous aggression, and fighting in battle zones may go up a notch. This may even point to western coalitions increasing their commitment to fight against the Islamist State.

Between June 1st and June 6th Venus is in the last degrees of Cancer in a positive aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius, thus helping to generate economic stabilization. Links with Saturn may often imply a state taking what it considers the lesser evil of a financial default.

Between June 6th and June 9th Mars in Gemini is together with Uranus in Capricorn and in Aries leading some to even find financial opportunities in the chaos around them.

Between June 8th and June 11th the Sun is in a positive aspect with Jupiter, providing optimism and there is nothing like optimism to boost confidence in financial matters. But you are about to sign contracts you might want to wait for the end of the Sun’s retreat, and its impact to be over, by June 16th.

Between June 1st and June 18th the Sun in Gemini is close to Mars. This is a decisive aspect, its violent and aggressive approach reflects current offensives on various battlegrounds, and some enemies may attack each other in ways that threaten the peace of the world.

It is possible that the coalition operating in the Middle East will take another step to eliminate or to withdraw its forces lined up against ISIS. Relations of Mars and the Sun in Gemini is also suitable for the discreet involvement of Israel in this picture.

From June 6th to June 24th Venus is in Leo but its aspect will be at 45 degrees to Sun and Mars in Gemini until 24th.This is a problematic aspect for financial matters possibly leading to very nervous markets as these might react to the issue of military conflicts in some places.

On June 11th Mercury aligns, but until the 24th there is a problematic aspect of 90 degrees to Neptune in Pisces, indicating the risk of fraud, or false financial situations, too much talking and promises while not actually accomplished. The atmosphere of scandals continues to undermine confidence in the establishment everywhere.

Between June 24th and July 1st Venus is linked to Jupiter in Leo. During these nine days some surprising twists and turns bring hope of better times ahead, with indications from the field which could be financially productive and open up new opportunities. The end of June therefore may symbolize financial relief compared to most of the rest of the month.

Still you should remember that July will be affected greatly by Saturn in Scorpio and the retrograded of Venus in Leo. That should not be perceived as allowing for excessive optimism.

But at the same time, and in contradistinction, the Sun in Cancer with a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces, leaves something of a hopeful situation.

Problems come right back again, however, in July when the Sun in Cancer will create difficult aspects to Uranus and Pluto. This time we will start that month again therefore with even bigger crisis than in the recent past.


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