Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2015

Hyundai Adds Android Auto To Its Cars

Google has a knack for staying on the cutting edge.

In a big victory for Google’s Android operating system in its life or death struggle with Apple, car manufacturer Hyundai has announced that it will use the Android Auto system in its vehicles.

The system will be integrated with Hyundai’s fourth generation touchscreen Audio Video Navigation (AVN) systems. Android Auto will be available in select Hyundai models starting in the 2015 model year. The selected models will be announced at a later date.

Google has a knack for staying on the cutting edge and knowing what it should market next to remain ahead of the competition. This is why so many other companies, including long standing giants like Microsoft, are always playing catch up with it. Now Google has moved towards marketing its Android system for areas other than mobile devices.

This comes after it has been offering its Google Docs on line for free for years now in direct competition with the expensive Microsoft Office. It is also offering Chrome Books, notebook computers which rely on cloud computing and do not use Windows.

Apple, in contrast, has never tried to market its operating system or software for other companies’ devices.

Google says that Android Auto was designed with safety in mind and allows drivers to concentrate on the road while it “brings you useful information, and organizes it into simple cards that appear just when they’re needed.” It also has voice activated controls, steering integration

Hyundai declared that with Android Auto drivers will be able to “project” their phone experience onto their Hyundai’s in-dash display. Android integration, said the company, gives drivers access to apps and services, which have been “optimized” for the car with voice input and glanceable controls.

The company also boasts that the interaction between Android Auto and Hyundai’s AVN software transforms how an Android phone can be used inside a vehicle. Drivers can connect their phone to Android Auto via a USB port.

“Android Auto’s clean and intuitive interface is a perfect match with Hyundai Motor Group’s interior design approach, ” said Paul Choo, director, Silicon Valley Accelerator Lab. “The goal is to provide a smarter and safer way to use smartphone technology and convenience in cars. Android Auto helps us reach that goal.”

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