Israeli Startup Guesty Promises to Help Short Term Rental Providers


guesty staff

A new Israeli startup called Guesty provides a third party service for use by people who rent rooms through Airbnb, which it boasts will make sure that all of a guests needs are taken care of. Airbnb does not provide any such service itself.

Have you ever had problems when using a short term rental while on vacation? Do you rent out a room short term through services such as Airbnb and have no time yourself to deal with all of the logistical problems that may arise? Well Guesty may have the answer for you.

The company currently has offices in San Francisco and was founded by twin brothers Amiad and Koby Soto in Tel Aviv when they stumbled into problems serving as Airbnb hosts themselves in Israel. They were constantly bombarded with requests and complaints by people who rented out the properties which they had sublet.

In return for 3% of the booking fees, Guesty handles all of the needs of an Airbnb guest. Landlords provide it with access to their Airbnb accounts so that the company can tend to the renters.

Guesty says that it will serve as your Personal Airbnb Assistant. “We believe managing your Airbnb property should be easy and we’re working hard to make it that way, ” it declares.

Established in December 2013, the company was formerly known as SuperHost. They got started as part of the Y-Combinator accelerator program.

Nathan Tobin, Guesty’s head of marketing and sales, told JBN, “We continue to experience high growth and we are looking to expand into other vacation platforms in addition to Airbnb. Our ideal customer is a host who does not have time to deal with his apartments for various reasons, usually due to a lack of time because of work or too many apartments being sublet.”

“We manage almost 2, 000 Airbnb listings worldwide, primarily in the U.S. While we only offer our services in English, many non-English speaking landlords hire us in places like Tokyo and Barcelona because they have English speaking customers, ” he added.

Guesty also states that it gives property owners tips on how to make their profile and listing more attractive and rank higher by Airbnb criteria and that it can increase your search ranking and get you more inquiries.

Guests will be given information about the city which they are visiting and directions how to get to the apartment from the airport. The company also provides a 24/7 concierge service.

Guesty also promises to ensure that whoever holds the keys will be contacted and know when to be at the home so guests get the keys in time.

If you have a lockbox or a smart lock it will send your guests instructions and make sure they get in safely.

They will also screen guests based on the owner’s criteria and make sure that the local cleaning service gets to the apartment to clean up after a guest leaves.


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