These are the top Jewish baby names of 2015



BabyCenter published the list of the most Popular Baby Names for 2015.

As you can see, this year for the first time, Jewish and biblical names have become popular in the baby name scene among non-Jewish.

BoysNoah ,  Jacob,  Ethan,  Daniel,  Caleb,  Matthew – Mattityahu,  Samuel,  Elijah,  Gabriel,  Isaac,  Joshua,

Eli,  Joseph,  Alexander,  Benjamin,  David,  Michael,  Nathan,

Girls: Anna,  Abigail,  Hannah,  Ava,  Ella,  Elizabeth – Elisheva.

Here are the most dominated baby names in previous years: 

2014 – Sophia, Emma, and Olivia; Jackson, Aiden and Liam

2013 – Sophia, Emma, and Isabella; Jackson, Lucas and Noah

2012 – Sophia, Olivia, and Zoe; Aiden, Ethan, and Liam

2011 – Sophia, Emma, and Ava; Aiden, Mason, and Lucas

2010 – Sophia, Chloe, and Lily; Aiden, Logan, and Liam


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