Published On: Tue, May 19th, 2015

Vikings Owner Zygi Wilf Sued In New Jersey Over Real Estate Deal

Carolina Panthers v Minnesota Vikings

Zygi Wolf, who own’s the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, is the subject of yet another civil suit. He was sued in New Jersey by the children of the late Meyer Gold over a real estate deal in that state. His father was also named in the suit.

The son and daughter of Mr. Gold assert that he was a one-third owner of a company called Amchu, but was not granted his share of profits owed to him by Wolf. This came from the $1, 600 per month per unit average received by the company from the 122-unit adult residential complex.

According to the suit, the Wilfs formed a second company called Fairfield Woodcrest just for the sake of diverting the profits and legal rights from Amchu. This was done with the express purpose of cutting out Gold, his children assert.

Zygi Wilf’s father, Joseph, is accused of having transferred one third of Amchu to himself back in the 1990s without informing Gold, who died in 2013.

The suit further alleges that in 1997 the Wilfs conspired to sell $1.2 million of Amchu property in Fairfield, New Jersey, and never paid Gold his share.

Ronald Riccio, the attorney representing the Gold Estate, stated, “Unfortunately, Mr. Wilf thinks he can breach his duty of loyalty to his partners by diverting to himself property and opportunities that belong to his partners and not to him. He’s done it before and he’s doing it again.”

Peter Harvey, who represents the Wilfs, said that, “The Wilfs can’t stop anyone from filing a lawsuit as ridiculous or meritless as it might be, and this one is both. These children of Meyer Gold have inherited $100-million in the estate and they want more, and it’s not warranted.”

“There are two parcels. The first parcel of land Meyer Gold got the money from that sale and we have shown that. The second parcel, which is the one they are talking about, the family claims the dad did not know about a building on land that he owned for eighth years.

“We will show two things. First the lawsuit is barred by a statute of limitations, because he did know and he didn’t care for eight years. We will also show that Meyer Gold did not want to be a partner in this project.”

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