Published On: Wed, May 13th, 2015

Gary Barnett Swears His New Nordstrom Tower Will Not Be Taller Than 1WTC

Who cares anyway? What are we all twelve year olds fighting over whose house is bigger?

217 West 57th  Nordstrom

Despite reports to the contrary, Gary Barnett promises that his new Nordstrom Tower at 217 West 57th Street will not eclipse 1 World Trade Center. So New Yorkers can breathe easier in the knowledge that the new Freedom Tower will definitely be the city’s tallest building.

The Nordstrom Tower is being developed by Barnett’s Extell.

NY Yimby had reported that the tower would reach 1, 795 feet in height. The Freedom Tower will reach 1, 776 feet, symbolic of the year 1776.

“The Nordstrom Tower will categorically not be taller than 1 World Trade Center, ” Barnett told The New York Post. “When we were planning the building, we decided that we were going to make it less tall out of respect, ” Barnett said last month. “I can’t comment on what other developers plan to do or what our final building will be, but that was the plan.”

The issue is really just over the pinnacle, the highest point of the antenna on top of the building. This is really kind of silly if you think about it.

When the original World Trade Center’s Twin Towers were completed 40 years ago they were the tallest building in the world. But then, just a few years later, the Sears Tower was completed in Chicago and it became the tallest building in the world.

But wait, the Twin Towers were still taller. But the Sears Tower had an antenna that stretched higher than the very top of the antenna above the Twins and that made it officially the tallest in the world.

Now the issue is only what building will be the tallest in America. No one is even conceiving a project to build something in America that would be taller than the ridiculous skyscrapers in Dubai and Kuala Lumpur.

But the Nordstrom Tower will, undeniably, be the tallest residential building in the world.

The multi-use Nordstrom Tower gets its name from the 2000, 000 square foot Nordstrom department store which will anchor its retail area at the base.  Expected to be completed in 2018, the building will have 1.2 million square feet of space.

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