Published On: Sun, May 10th, 2015

Debra Messing’s ‘Mysteries of Laura’ Gets a Second Chance to Stink

Dear NBC, was there really nothing better to put on TV next year?

Don’t ask us why, but Debra Messing’s silly TV show “The Mysteries of Laura” has been renewed for a second season by NBC.

Apparently averaging 9.3 million viewers, but only a 1.6 rating among adults 18-49, is enough for a show to stay alive these days. No wonder people have abandoned the broadcast networks for cable shows and live streaming services.

Again, why?

The show is a real stinker and made our list of the worst shows of last year.

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 22% rating.

NPR said of the show, “If Jane the Virgin is a textbook example of how to adapt a Spanish-language program to American TV, this provides the opposite lesson. Based on a Spanish TV show, this series features Debra Messing as a messy, tough police detective who is also an overwhelmed single mother with two bratty kids.

“So much to hate here: an unfunny script, hackneyed female character tropes and adults who act as if they are helpless to make knuckleheaded children obey their rules.”

And the Huffington Post wrote, “What a big mess, and what a disappointing waste of Debra Messing, who plays a cop who is — What? This is sheer insanity! What lunatic approved this premise? — also a mother, “Laura” is an attempt at something light in the crime-and-detecting arena, but “Castle” or “Monk” this is not.

“Critics Alan Sepinwall and James Poniewozik ably sum up what’s wrong about the show (i.e., everything), and long after this disappears from our screens, Linda Holmes’ musical summation of the show will probably still be stuck in my head.

“Is the pilot worth a look? Not unless you enjoy being annoyed.”

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