Sumner Redstone: “I will live forever”


Sydney Holland (left) and Manuela Herzer with Sumner Redstone

The 91-year-old Billionaire Sumner Redstone  controls an empire worth an estimated $6.4 billion, including CBS and Viacom. His health and old age  have led to increasing speculation as to who Redstone’s successor will be.

Although the media mogul enjoys a remarkable life and says that he will live forever, an investigation by Vanity Fair in its June issue may say differently.

He lives in with Sydney Holland, a 43 year old sweet-blond, but is still very close to his ex-girlfriend, the beautiful 50 year old Manuela Herzeris. Only a man in his 90s can date women more than 40 years his junior without breaking the law.

Both women insist that Redstone is thriving: “If you ever saw the way he looked, he’s got this beautiful hair and has the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen in my life, not one wrinkle on his face.” Holland told Vanity Fair.


Redstone won’t talk about his interesting personal relationships, but when asked about his bizarre triangle with Holland and Herzer, and if they are beneficiaries, he replied: “How I met Sydney is not important. What is important is what a great person she is and how much I love her. I have known Manuela for over 20 years. She and her children are family to me. Her house in LA is 5 minutes away from my house and I get to see her frequently.

“Manuela is one of the smartest women I have ever met. As for my estate plan, that is personal, ” he added. Nor would he comment on whether they will run his foundation in the event of his death, which he of course insists will never happen.

William Cohan on Sumner Redstone’s health in June’s Vanity Fair: “Redstone, who seems to be off limits to outsiders these days, … [said] via e-mail that his routine hasn’t changed much: ‘I still get up at 4:30/5 a.m. every day I ride my bike and go to the pool and get a haircut. I’m really into watching sports.’ … While [Viacom C.O.O. Tom] Dooley says, ‘He’s sharp as a tack, ’ another source tells Cohan, ‘He’s not. He really is not. It’s a sham.’ Redstone’s friend Robert Evans tells Cohan, “Like everybody else, Sumner has good days and bad days, ” but the legendary producer can’t get off the phone fast enough when asked about Redstone’s health.”


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