David Duchovny’s New Show ‘Aquarius’ Will Be Available On Line

NBC will release the whole season for binge watching after the show' premiere.

If you are a fan of David Duchovny and are eagerly awaiting his new show “Aquarius” then you are in luck. NBC has announced that all episodes of the program will be available for live streaming after the pilot first airs. Duchovny has also opened up about the “X Files” reboot.

It’s called binge watching. Live streaming services, such as Netflix, offer an entire season of programming at the same time. Viewers can choose to watch all of a new show’s episodes at once, in blocks of a few at a time, or only one per week, whichever they prefer.

The traditional broadcast networks in America have seen their share of audiences drop from a combined 90 plus percent to maybe at most a third in the past 30 years due to competition from cable. Now they are in danger of extinction ad have no choice but to copy their new on line competitors’ formats in order to compete.

The 13 episode “Aquarius” will bow with a double episode on May 28th. Immediately following the show’s premiere fans will be able to see all of the other 11 episodes on NBC.com. But if you prefer the traditional way of watching television not to worry, the episodes will also be aired weekly on NBC.

There is one catch, however. Unlike Netflix, NBC.com has commercial breaks during the shows. But it is also free, unlike Netflix.

In the new drama, Duchovny plays a 1960’s LAPD police sergeant Sam Hodiak who finds himself on the heels of the Manson Family – known for the gruesome murders of Roman Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate, and several other people.

Meanwhile, the 54 year old actor whose father was Jewish discussed the upcoming revival of the 90s hit show “The X Files” with The Hollywood Reporter. He told THR, “”When I was doing the show, I always assumed – because we started to do the movies – that we would naturally transition to not carrying the load of doing a full season of the show but doing a movie every four or five years.”

The first movie was released in 1998, when the show was still on the air. The second came out after the show was cancelled. Duchovny explained that he wanted to do a third and had hoped that like with “Star Trek: The Next Generation, ” The X Files would be transformed into a movie franchise.

But this did not happen.

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