[VIDEO] Survivor recalls moment avalanche struck Mt. Everest


climber_selife_lg -Eddy McFarland (left) and Eric Strickler (right) take a selfie on Mt. Stuart as they await rescue from a 600-foot fall.


15 climbers who survived an avalanche caused by Nepal’s worst earthquake in 81 years arrived in Katmandu. Six helicopters landed at their base camp after weather conditions improved overnight.  “I ran and it just flattened me. I tried to get up and it flattened me again, ” George Foulsham, Singapore-based marine biologist, told AFP at base camp.

“I couldn’t breathe, I thought I was dead. When I finally stood up, I couldn’t believe it passed me over and I was almost untouched.” 

Dozens of people who were on the mountain are still missing. At least 18 people are dead and dozens more were injured. The massive magnitude 7.8 earthquake has left at least 3, 300 dead in Nepal and India.



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