Published On: Sat, Apr 18th, 2015

Putin Warns Against Israel Selling Weapons to Ukraine, But Insists on Selling Rockets to Iran

The Iranian S373 air defense system was on display for first time Saturday.


Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Israel against selling weapons to the Ukraine, in retaliation for the Russians’ plan to sell advanced interceptor missiles to Iran.

In an interview on Russian television, Putin said that Israeli weapons in the Ukraine would only ignite a new round of violence and increase the death toll, but would not change the outcome.

“Israeli leaders should make a decision, ” Putin said, “They’re free to act as they see fit.”

The Russian President was also asked about his comments earlier in the week, that his country had canceled, at the request of Israel, the sale of S-300 missiles in a Middle East country, for fear it would endanger Israel Air Force missions. Putin refused to confirm the assumption that the country is Syria Syria.

The Iranian S373 air defense system was on display for first time Saturday, during the Iran Army Day rallies, IRNA reported.

The S373 long range air defense system, which is the Iranian version of the S300, can target distant enemy locations at very high altitude, according to the report.

The head of the political-security forum at the Israeli defense ministry Amos Gilad said on Saturday that the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems S-300 Russia intends to sell Iran are not defensive weapons, and will present a challenge to the Israeli airforce.

Still, Gilad commented that each challenge has a solution.

Gilad added that he was not aware of the existence of terror tunnels along the border with Lebanon, but he did note that Hezbollah is in possession of 100, 000 rockets that can hit any target in Israel.

Hezbollah has been restraining itself so far, Gilad said, because of Israel’s deterrence, but should Iran develop its own nuclear weapons, this could also change the balance of deterrence on Israel’s immediate borders.

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