Amy Schumer Is Comedy Goddess, Half-Jewish, Take Notice

Her brother, Jason Stein, is a Jazz clarinet player, so that's very Jewish, except—why is he a Stein?


Amy Schumer is Jewish on her father’s side, but that side is really Jewish, since dad Gordon Schumer is first cousin of NY Senator Chuck Schumer. Connected enough for you? Wait, there’s more: according to Wiki, Any’s great-grandmother, Estelle Schumer, was a bootlegger in Manhattan. OK, so that’s a Bugsy Siegel kind of Jewish.

Her brother, Jason Stein, is a Jazz clarinet player, so that’s very Jewish, except—why is he a Stein? We looked and looked and couldn’t find an answer, other than he probably likes Stein better than Schumer.

Anyway, the NY Post Mackenzie Dawson—not Jewish at all—wrote yesterday that “every woman (and man) needs to be watching Amy Schumer, ” or, more precisely, her new Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer.”

The Dawson item is basically a review of a bunch of show YouTube clips, which we think you’ll love — we certainly loved the first pick, see above.

Dawson also cites Tilda Swinton note on Amy Schumer in Time Magazine’s list of 100 influencers (I guess Look and Life didn’t publish this week):

The honesty bomb

Amy Schumer is the girl you knew at your fantasy school—yeah, her at the back with the quick, dangerous eyes. When you wished the funny ones were also kind, when you wondered why none of the clever ones had real guts, when you wanted sexy to look like something properly glamorous and more interesting than an action figure, it was Amy you were dreaming up.

It continues like this, makes me so happy I’m not a 12-year-old girl with bad teeth any more.

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