Published On: Mon, Apr 13th, 2015

TV FORMAT FUND Invests over $1.2 million in Formats for MIPTV

Among the investments there are 3 new formats and 5 existing formats, in an agreement with 'Artza Productions.'


The TV FORMAT FUND will present 8 new formats at this year’s MIPTV fair, which will take place in April in Cannes. The fund’s investment in these shows exceeds $1.2 million.

Israel continues to be a base for creativity not only in the world of high tech, but in the world of entertainment as well. Television producers the world over look to Israel for the next “Homeland” or “In Treatment, ” both of which were based on original Israeli television shows.

5 of the formats have previously appeared on different broadcasting medium.

3 new formats backed by the Fund’s investment will be presented at the fair. They are:

“Sofa Survivors” is a new reality show which examines whether it is possible to live on virtual love. 5 fascinating characters participate in this experiment, each stopping his/her life for one whole month, and entering a separate room which will be filmed 24/7.

“High Rise Love” is a dating show which takes place in a high-rise office building, during a single work day.

“I Spy” observes 3 contestants who try to see if ordinary people could be spies.

The 5 pre-existing formats are:

“Grand Plan, ” is a consulting genre program with a twist: those giving the advice are 3 grandmothers aged 70+ who have something to say about everything, and advise confused young men and women who are stuck in bad situations, with problems in all aspects of life.

“Street Justice, ” is a police suspense series starring Amos Tamam, winner of Israel’s Best Actor Academy Award as a tough police investigator who doesn’t let anything stop him from catching criminals.

“Couch Diaries, ” is a travel series which lets people who are at a personal crossroads re-examine their lives. They do so on couches belonging to different people around the world, as opposed to those belonging to psychotherapists.

“How to Be, ” is a talk show which enables interviewers to take the interviewee on an emotional journey, whose entire purpose is so remove this characteristic “armor”.

“Guys in Disguise” is a new dating program. Each episode will feature a meeting between a good looking young man or woman and people who crave an opportunity to win their love, but do not dare approach them directly due to a fear of rejection.

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