Published On: Sun, Apr 5th, 2015

Matthew Weiner Speaks Ahead of Mad Men’s End

"The advertising was always reverse-engineered to serve the theme of the story."

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The second half of the seventh and final season of Matthew Weiner’s hit television series “Mad Men” begins tonight on AMC. Both its creator and stars have been talking to just about everyone about all sorts of rumors revolving around the show.

Weiner himself spoke to AP last week about his creative processes and how he goes about writing each episode. The biggest revelation for fans of “Mad Men” was probably that Weiner himself writes the ads for all of those famous brands featured on the show. They are not the original ads used by the likes of Luck Strike or Jaguar back in the 1960s.

“The advertising was always reverse-engineered to serve the theme of the story, ” Weiner explained to AP. The tag lines for the products were meant to evoke emotions and ideas in the viewer related to the story lines of the episodes.

“We made the ad ‘Finally something beautiful you can truly own.’ The idea was you can possess this in many ways beyond the literal purchase, ” Weiner said of the ad for Jaguar in an episode where the voluptuous partner in the ad firm Joan agrees to sleep with the client from Jaguar so that they could get his business.

“Something beautiful you can truly own” was in reference to Joan herself.

Meanwhile Elizabeth Moss, Peggy Olsen, who plays the former assistant turned advertising executive Peggy Olsen, has been discussing rumors of a “Mad Women” spin off after the series makes its final bow in six weeks.

The idea is that Peggy and Joan start their own ad agency in the 1970s during the height of the women’s lib movement.

The practicing Scientologist who was born to a Jewish family told The Huffington Post, “I would totally do that because I love Joan so much, and I love Peggy and Joan’s relationship. I think [Hendricks] is one of the most incredibly brilliant actresses. She devastates me whenever I watch her.”

“There could be [a spinoff], yeah. It’s very much not up to me. But I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so we never know, ” Moss said. “But I think I’ll pause just a second and let people enjoy ‘Mad Men’ before I would do another TV thing.”

A onetime recurring guest star on The West Wing where she played one of the President’s daughters, Moss can now be seen live on Broadway in a revival of the Heidi Chronicles.

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