Published On: Tue, Mar 24th, 2015

Nu, Are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher Married?

Corden is convinced they are married, while a source says they are not. Are you feeling played with?


I bet some people are getting really tired of this, or am I the only one. Okay, here we go again with the “Are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher married or not” issue. 

Mila Kunis doesn’t deny the charge that she is married to Ashton Kutcher, the father of her child, Wyatt Isabelle, but she didn’t say “I do” to the question of whether she had wedded her “That 70s Show” co-star. In an appearance on the “Late, Late show with James Corden, ” fellow guest Tom Hanks teased Kunis a bit by referring to Kutcher as your “hus–” (not completing the word), while host Corden jumped in, examined her finger and saw a certain kind of plain band on it. He asked, “Are you married. Did you get married.” Kunis replied, “I don’t know. Maybe, ” as reported by the LA Times.

When Corden pointed out that no one is “maybe married, ” she insisted the answer was still “maybe.” Corden concluded that the answer was yes as far as he was concerned, although a source close to the couple told the U.K. Daily Mirror that the engaged couple still are not officially wed.

If they are married, it looks like it is the concept of a gay marriage in reverse. Instead of coming out of the closet and getting married, they might have married in the closet and are not coming out. In any case, they have a kid, a ring and live together. Who really cares, except the celebrity wedding caterers and eventual divorce lawyers they are jilting by not tying the knot.

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