Larry King’s Wife Says Piers Morgan is a Jerk, Denies The Talk Hosts Will Reconcile


Shawn & Larry King

At a charity event for the Unstoppable Foundation, rather uncharitable remarks were made about Piers Morgan by Shawn King, talk legend Larry King’s wife. When Morgan retaliated rather boldly, Shawn King called him a “jerk, ” and so the battle has continued, as reported by the Daily News.

At the event, Shawn King said Morgan was “nasty” and accused him of using her husband for publicity. Larry King left CNN after a 25 year stint in 2010, and Piers Morgan took over for Larry King, but wasn’t able to follow King’s tough act for long before CNN dismissed him. Some of the blame for Morgan’s dismissal was his single-minded obsession with polarizing issues, like gun control, which might have left even his more left-leaning viewer uncomfortable, since the Englishman was commenting on the issue (endlessly, as some would say) as an outsider.

The troubles between Morgan and King began when King compared and contrasted Morgan’s interviewing style with his own, and said Morgan tended to “interject himself into the interview.” These comments made shortly after Morgan’s firing led to a feud that played out during the Unstoppable Foundation’s event, which extends educational opportunities to needy children, and have taken to Twitter.

Shawn King 55 told the Daily News, “He (Morgan) is just a jerk in my opinion. Larry didn’t say that. I did.” she added he “just likes to have his name in the news, ” and “is somebody that likes to fight, ” while she insists Larry King , 81, has “never been” a combative guy. Morgan’s obsessive dislike of King, Shawn believes, is expressed on Twitter, “Every time I am on my Twitter feed, he is criticizing Larry.”

When asked if there will ever be reconciliation between King and Morgan, Shawn told the Daily News, “not if I have anything to do with it.” It sounds like she does.


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