Startup Sentrix Named One of 10 Young Security Companies to Watch

Sentrix enables enterprises to eliminate Web-based attacks


Network World has named Sentrix one of the 10 Young Security Companies to Watch in 2015.

Sentrix enables enterprises to eliminate Web-based attacks including costly data Breaches, Defacement and massive DDoS attacks by serving customers from a Cloud -DMZ replica. As a result, security Becomes more effective and much Simpler to Manage, while supporting the needs of development teams and marketing.

Reporter Tim Greene Wrote: Sentrix mirrors customers’ web sites in Amazon Web Services and Azure clouds where it dynamically expands site resources during distributed denial-of-service attacks to keep the sites running until attackers exhaust their resources, give up or move on to easier targets.

Data requests that get delivered to customers’ actual Web server back-ends are limited to those seeking the business-logic of the sites, not static content. This is a unique service That Defenses and other supplements can keep sites up and running During a range of attack types including distributed denial-of-service, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery, SQL injection and website Defacement.

“Web- based attacks cost enterprises millions every year, “said Ofer Wolf, CEO of Sentrix. “Conventional Web security is based on Outdated Approaches, so we’re Delighted That Sentrix’s approach – cloud replication and attack surface reduction  –  is acknowledged as a game changer. ”

Sentrix Recently expanded operations in the United States and United Kingdom. It has customers across industries, including Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions, governments, academic institutions, and utilities, among others.

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