Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2015

Kafka’s Quest-Feels Real in our Times

The play happens in Prague
Gregor Samsa
Since we’re living in a very turbulent period of time, feared with grotesque sceneries all around us. It seems very natural to put on a play in the spirit of Franz Kafka, at the theater for the new city-in NY city.
Under the title ” Kafka’s quest, A.K.A.Kafka/Samsa” by Lu Hauser, directed by Manfred Bormann, this intriguing play will run through March 17th. Anyone thinking about Kafka immediately sets his mind to suffer throughout the play. Therefore when we see the main character emotionally disturbed as he’s awaiting his train in the station to take him home, we’re prepared for the next painful scene. We’re invited to experience a family life that no one will choose to take a part in. But this is the family of Gregor Samsa, the tragic victim of Kafka’s “Metamorphosis ” in a twisted theatrical way that hints constantly to this novel.
As expected we hear about the “Hunger   Artist ” too.
The play happens  in Prague and introduces Gregor Samsa ( the name Kafka personified himself with in the book) as a Suffering young man who’s torn between his Father who wants him to obtain a full time job and a secure future yet on the other side his Friendship with the actors of the Yidish theater and his love for writing. The back and forth between the two words , the responsibility to his family and his quest to live the artist life culminates in ” The Metamorphosis “
On top of the misery that hunts Gregor we are introduced to two lodgers who come to stay with the family so they have some income to cover there expenses due to his Father’s bankruptcy. These 2 lodgers behaving like Nazi characters bring the tension and suffering to a point of no return.
Great acting of each and everyone of the characters who made this imaginative play engaging yet a bit too long to fully enjoy.

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