Published On: Sun, Mar 8th, 2015

Josh Linkner on Why Time Is More Important than Money

Money is a replaceable asset, but once time is gone, it's gone

Josh Linkner

Those who have seen the 1980s classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High remember the debate between teacher Mr. Hand and Sean Penn as surfer dude Spicoli about who was on whose time.

No one likes to waste time. One of the most offensive things that can happen in the course of everyday life is to have one’s time wasted. When a spouse or a friend tells you about a rough day at work, a tedious commute or a disastrous trip, usually the tale of woe involves someone, at some point, wasting  the victim’s time. Josh Linkner, author of NYT Bestsellers, Disciplined Dreaming and The Road to Reinvention, says time is more important, and definitely more irreplaceable, than money.

“Money is a replaceable asset, ” he told the Detroit Free Press, “but you can’t earn more time. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Which makes the offense of wasting time all the more offensive.” He urges readers not only to pay attention to their own time and how they use it, but to brainstorm ways to save customers and clients time and to make it clear that respecting their time is a priority.

Linkner also debunks some myths about time conservation, such as the usefulness multi-tasking. According to Forbes, he says of the attention span drain that is said to be a timesaver, “what really happens is you bounce between things and do all of them sub-par.” It is best to save checking emails and social media when standing in line rather than trying to weave distracting things in and out of important tasks that require concentration.

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