Is Katie Couric Coming Back to NBC?


Katie Couric

Will Katie Couric be making a triumphant return to NBC’s the Today Show? The answer to that question depends entirely on who you ask.

The former Today Show host and CBS news anchor is currently in talks over her contract renewal with Yahoo and it is not clear if she will be staying with the website. Couric is reportedly looking to return to television.

Since recent shakeups in the leadership at NBC news, including the return of Andrew Lack who was Couric’s boss at Today, rumors have abounded about the possibility that the current Yahoo senior news correspondent might make a return appearance on the show that made her famous. But Couric did not leave Today under the best of terms.

She told CNN, “I feel like it would have been a fun thing to reunite and to show that you can go home again. But I also thought, there’s a reason why I left the show.”

But one source was quoted in the New York Daily News as saying, “Katie will do anything to keep her name attached to the peacock. If there’s any opening, Brian Williams or a lighting guy at ‘SNL, ’ you can bet she’s the one telling people that she’s been approached for it.”

“If she ended up at (NBC headquarters) 30 Rock, it would be over a lot of people’s dead bodies, ” the source added.

The New York Post quoted another source saying, “On Friday morning, Andrew Lack told executives at NBC News that he and Katie have had no discussions.”


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