Brett Icahn a Chip Off Father’s Wall Street Block





Brett Icahn, son of legendary investor Carl Icahn, seems to have inherited his father’s investment savvy.

Brett Icahn, along with partner David Schechter, made $183 million from Icahn Enterprises last year, according to Forbes. Schechter and Icahn, both under 40, have been managing the Sargon portfolio under the aegis of Icahn Enterprises and are responsible for top stock picks, including Apple and Netflix.

Carl Icahn has publicly said investing in Apple is a “no brainer” and has been bullish on the stock while others thought its valuation was creeping up too high. It turns out Icahn and Son were right, and the stock has increased in value.

Brett Icahn also suggested his dad buy Netflix, although Carl Icahn wanted to cash out of the stock. The Sargon portion of Icahn Enterprises held on to its Netflix holding, and Carl Icahn admitted he was wrong to sell and his son was right to hold on to the video streaming sensation.

The Sargon portfolio has been one of the strongest segments in the Icahn enterprise, and has returned 36.5% annually. Brett is still holding on to Apple, his biggest position with 52.8 million shares valued at $6.8 billion.


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