Satmar Rebbe Calls Netanyahu ‘Vile and Despicable’ over Call for Aliyah, Speech to Congress, Gaza War


The Satmar Rebbe,   Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum

The Satmar Rebbe, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum,  who is currently in Antwerp, Belgium for several days, on the occasion of the inauguration of a new study hall, strongly condemned last night (Saturday night) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for European Jews to immigrate to Israel.

At the inauguration, the Rebbe said, “the Prime Minister of the infidels (Netanyahu) begs Jews living in Europe – Leave Europe go up to Israel.”

“When there was a terrorist attack in Har Nof or Hebron, did you also tell them to leave Har Nof or Hebron? It is great audacity, and if he has the power to save the country, why is it that what happens there, happens?” the Rebbe roared.

The Rebbe added, “The head of the klipa (spiritual obstruction) of the Zionists (Benjamin Netanyahu) got up and delivered meaningless sermons after these events, he called for European Jews to immigrate to holy Israel, does this proud nothing also open his mouth when 3 young men are killed in Hebron, does he also tell all settlers to leave their homes? When he went to war last summer, killing more than 70 Jewish soldiers, did he say to flee from the land of Israel? How has he the audacity and nerve to say to Europe’s Jews to move to Israel? Can he protect them?”

At this point, the Rebbe attacked Netanyahu’s intention to go to Washington and address the US Congress. “All this behavior (of Netanyahu) contradicts the internationally accepted diplomatic rules and all the other Zionist heads of government were sure to keep the same rules, he said. “Israel receives from the United States more than any other country receives, and what gives him the chutzpah so that he dares to come and challenge US President”, attacked the Rebbe, “He is not a mensch, he is not a diplomat, he is vile and despicable”.

The Rebbe went on to explain that “even the Zionists claim that he should not go to speak. How dare he put the millions of Jews who live in the United States in an anti-Semitic threat which will break out after this speech? Does he also have the power to protect American Jews? “.

“It is especially shameful that the Haredim strengthen him and give him the full support for this move, ” the Rebbe concluded.


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