Published On: Mon, Feb 23rd, 2015

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s War Chest Won’t Buy him a Mandate

Even if Emanuel is re-elected, an April run-of is likely

Rahm Emanuel And Chicago Police Superintendant Deliver Update On Fighting Crime

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel might secure re-election in Chicago, but for his huge war chest of $15 million, four times more than his nearest competitor, it is likely that he might still face a run-off in April, according to USA Today.

According to the latest Tribune poll, Emanuel has 45% of the potential vote, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia has 20%, with Bob Fioretti and Willie Wilson trailing at 7%. Opponents repeat their criticisms of the mayor’s performance as his commercials are ubiquitous on the airwaves. While unemployment was halved since he took office in 2011, that figure is consistent with the rest of the country. Black voters have expressed doubt that he considers their neighborhoods a major priority, violence has increased in Chicago and Emanuel had a stand off with public teachers, who waged their first strike in 2012 in more than 25 years.

Critics warn that Emanuel might make painful cuts and may be influenced by his “buddy” Republican Governor Bruce Rauner, with whom he is seen toting fancy wine in a fancy resort. Garcia calls Emanuel and Rauner “wine club buddies.” What makes these comments stick is that Emanuel, during his stint as an investment banker, helped secure for Rauner a $500, 000 deal for his company.

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