Published On: Sun, Feb 22nd, 2015

Oscar Winners Thank Weinstein and Speilberg More Than God

God was ranked as only the sixth most frequently thanked deity at the Oscars


(R-L)  Steven Spielberg  and Harvey Weinstein/ Hollywood


The Beatles got into hot water when it was reported that they looked down at raving fans from a hotel window and said, “We’re more popular than Jesus.” That remark died hard, as the fab four were denounced from the pulpit as Satanic, and Paul McCartney admitted that the line about “Mother Mary” in Let it Be was partly to atone for the off-the-cuff comment about their getting more adulation than Jesus.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and Oscar hopefuls, in the words written at the front of many synagogues, know before whom they stand: Peter Jackson, George Lucas, James Cameron, Harvey Weinstein, Steven Spielberg, and then, only then, in sixth place, do the stars clutching the little golden statuette idols thank….God.

According to, Vocativ, which watched 1, 396 Oscar speeches, tallied up these results that showed that God was not even in the top 5 of the supernal entities thanked at the Academy Awards. Well, at least he made it into the top ten, but that should hardly satisfy those who decry the values of Godless Hollywood, and then go to the movies anyway.

Meanwhile, the trinity itself, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg, celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Dreamworks. The spinoff, Dreamwork’s animation, has been one of the most successful studios in Hollywood’s history, although it has been plagued with financial troubles of late, failed takeover offers and a dearth of big hits.

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