Published On: Thu, Feb 19th, 2015

Mark Cuban Hates Net-Neutrality and YouTube

Mark Cuban think Net Neutrality with interfere with broadband providers doing what they do best: overcharging and manipulating.

Mark Cuban

The ever-temperamental Mark Cuban said at a Code/Media conference he thinks net neutrality will “fuck everything up, ” and thinks YouTube has done nothing. He added that the FCC regulating the internet “scares the shit” out of him.

FCC head Tom Wheeler’s net neutrality proposal would prevent broadband service providers from interfering with customers’ access in an effort to get them to pay more. Mark Cuban said this “demonizes big companies, ” and he denies Netflix’ claim that subscribers had to endure slow speeds until Netflix paid up for direct access to the broadband network. Comcast alleged that Netflix used an inferior middleman for video delivery.

“They’ve worked it out, just like (sic) happens in business in every day, ” Cuban told re/code. Of course, if Netflix is right, they “worked it out” by paying Comcast not to mess with their service to subscribers, which amounts to protection money. But hey, that’s just business.

Cuban knows a thing or two about the internet; he sold his to Yahoo right before the crisis hit. However, he dismisses the tastes of the multitudes who flock to YouTube for user generated videos. Cuban called the proposed purchase of Youtube by Google “moronic” 7 years ago, and still hasn’t changed his mind. “What have they done right?” he said. To a YouTube fan it would sounds like the People’s Front of Judea (or the Judean People’s Front) in the Life of Brian saying “What have the Romans done for us?” But dismissing the fact that legitimate stars get their start on Youtube Cuban thinks the service is a failure because it hasn’t been monetized in a major way with subscriptions.

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